The School Holiday Startup program is for Perth secondary school students in the end of year holidays.


    Beginning with three group workshops to provide the practical foundations, followed by a series of mentoring sessions extending into the summer break, we explore the world of entrepreneurship, helping your child to develop business ideas and equipping them with the skills of the future.




    Imagine a future where it is as natural for your child to finish the academic phase of their lives and start their own business as it is for them to go work in someone else's.


    This program is designed to help students take their first step down that path, validating an initial business idea and equipping them with the tools to continue developing their skills as an entrepreneur.


    Can you see the fire of entrepreneurial flame in your child?

    Perhaps they've got a business idea but don't know where to start? Maybe you would like to help them but don't have the time?


    Whether or not they (or you) see a future running their own business the data is clear. According to the Foundation of Young Australians, the skills of the future that are most in demand by employers are digital literacy (demand up 212%), critical thinking (up 158%), creativity (up 65%) and problem-solving (up 26%). The School Holiday Startup program is designed to equip your child with these skills by supporting and developing their own business ideas.

  • Program

    The School Holiday Startup 2017/2018 program runs throughout the end of year school holidays.  

    Beginning with three workshops to provide the practical foundations, the program can be tailored around your family's holiday plans with sessions offered over a number of weeks and students able to attend when it suits you.


    Once your child has completed the workshop component, that will be followed by a series of coaching/mentoring sessions to continue developing their business idea over the remainder of the summer break.

    Workshop 1: DEVELOP A GOOD IDEA

    Shoot for the stars

    Striking a balance between #massive ambition (shoot for the stars!) and addressing a genuine need, our first workshop focuses on the foundation of every good business - a good idea.

    Workshop 2: BUSINESS PLANNING 101

    Focus on what matters

    Using the Lean Canvas, this second workshop sets out the nine basic ingredients of a startup and how they work together to identify and develop a sustainable business model.


    Build something that customers actually want

    "The true product of an entrepreneur is not the solution, but a working business model. The real job of an entrepreneur is to systematically de-risk that business model over time" - Ash Maurya


    In this third workshop we explore the concept of Minimum Viable Product and the Art of the Pitch.


    One-on-one coaching with one of Perth's leading innovators and educators

    Building on those foundations over the summer break with a series of coaching sessions, we continue to explore your child's business idea and help them develop their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Program Co-Ordinator

    Sam Birmingham

    Startup Coach

    Sam is a multiple company founder and recognised leader in Perth’s startup and innovation community.


    Amongst other things, Sam launched the first-of-its-kind undergraduate unit Innovation & Startup Practice at University of Western Australia, co-authored the 60 Day Startup book with Pollenizer co-founder, Phil Morle, and is the Co-Ordinator of StartupWA.


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